Main Street Alliance - Update

October 16, 2009

Iowa small business owners talk health care reform with Sen. Harkin

Iowa Main Street Alliance members participated in "Health Care Reality Tour" to highlight importance of health reform for small business and the local economy.

As debate continued in Washington on health reform legislation, Iowa small business owners told their stories to Senator Harkin on Friday and Saturday during "Health Care Reality Tour".

Senator Harkin visited with Main Street Alliance members in Des Moines, Waterloo and Cedar Rapids and discussed the need for real health insurance reform as it pertains to small business.

"This was a great opportunity for small business owners to speak to Senator Harkin who plays such a key role in health care reform," said Sue Dinsdale, Organizer with the Main Street Alliance. "Plus it gave the Senator a chance to meet with Iowa small business owners and hear how the work in Washington DC is affecting Main Street Iowa."

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