Health Care for America Now - Update

May 14, 2010

America's graduation gift is health care for Moms, Dads AND Grads

Until now, high school and college graduation has meant gaining a diploma but losing your health insurance for millions of young people.

But not any more!

Starting on September 26, 2010, the new health reform law requires insurance companies to provide the option of keeping young people covered until age 26.

That means a brighter future for millions of young people and less worry for their parents!

* Data from "Rite of Passage?" Issue Brief, The Commonwealth Fund, August 2009

Find out more about the extended Dependent Coverage

Read the fact sheet (PDF) Dependent Coverage Talking Points (PDF) prepared by Young Invincibles.

Let People Know the Dependent Coverage Benefit Is Available

You can leaflet your Graduation Ceremony and give graduates and their families piece of mind knowing they will still be insured.

Download, print and distribute leaflets for High School or College Graduation.

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